The municipal building of Jelsa was built back in 1895, when Jelsa started to prosper in terms of culture, trade, shipbuilding and organization of public life in general. The exchange of goods, knowledge and ideas had led to the prosperity of the whole community.

In the first half of the 20th century, the local library was placed in this building, while original coffee palace had its own reading room.

Back than, this place had the special, charming vibe due to the library’s janitor mister Dobronić, who had among the older citizens of Jelsa remained remembered with warmth and joy. According to the local stories, vigorous and honest mister Dobronić, who held the coffee palace for almost 40 years, was famous for his secret coffee recipe.

Because of the familiarity with turkish coffee at the time, his coffee had been among the best coffee drinks that could be found in western Europe.

On the other hand, the bey from Sarajevo, during his summer break in Jelsa, said that he travelled the half of the Ottoman Empire, but had never tasted such a coffee. Mister Dobronić replied him that he will not, either!

Prosperous and unsurpassed coffee specialist had symbolic name Prošper Ino, while he was more famous by his nickname Prošperin.